Would just like to give you some feedback on your bullets.

See attached pictures of a Rhino180grain soft point shot out my .300 wm on a warthog at 80m.

Hugely impressed with bullet performance!

Thank you! 

Kind Regards 

Stephen Hancocks 

review-2-1  review-2-3

Picture 1 (“Both Shots): The less expanded one is the 380gr Rhino recovered from my full frontal chest shot on Buffalo Bull at about 60m in 2013. The more expanded one is literally a point blank insurance shot into the buffalo behind the right shoulder, through the heart, opposite shoulder & was recovered under the skin on the far shoulder. Load was duplex load of 31,5gr S335 & 31,5gr S365 for 2185fps out of my 24” SAKO .375 H&H Barrel. Winchester Magnum Primer.

Picture 2 (“Rhino 270gr Eland”) The more expanded bullet (270gr) was taken from first standing Eland Bull at 200m. This was behind the shoulder, but travelled traversely through the rumen & recovered under the far skin. The less expanded 270gr Rhino was recovered from running Eland Bull #2 at 250m. This was a Heart shot & recovered under the opposite shoulder skin. Load was 65gr S335 for 2575fps out of my 24” SAKO .375 H&H Barrel. Winchester Magnum Primer.

Picture 3 (“IMG_5745”): Is the Elands heart after the less expanded bullet hit it. The 270gr Rhinos were bought many years ago by my Father, so they are early Generation (Batch 254). I find that at distances over 220m, they seem to still be very hard & expand much less due to the decreased velocity. Don’t get me wrong, they still work outstandingly, but I would like a bigger wound channel. However I cannot increase my S335 load any further, I use Quickload Ballistics Software & any load of S335 above 65gr puts me into the pink zone as far as pressure. Therefore I am experimenting with S355, which according to the ballistics software I can get another 100-150fps without exceeding the pressure limits onto the pink zone. I believe this slight increase in velocity will allow more expansion of the 270gr at distances between 220-300m.

Best Regards

Brendan Fike



Yes it’s a 180 grain Rhino Solid Shank bullet in caliber 30-06.

Bullet retrieved from the shoulder of a Blue Wildebeast.
Loaded to 835 m/sek or 2,740 fps.

This is the one of the best bullets I use.

I use Rhino bullets in several calibers such as; 6,5×55, 7x57R, 3006, 9,3×62 and 375 H&H Mag

Hallgeir Gravråk

Lives in Selsverket, Oppland, Norway


Hi Kobus
Ek gebruik 235gr Rhino/58.0gr S335/2420 vt/s op my 9.3×62. Die afgelope naweek het ek ‘n Gemsbok op 110m “quartering to” geskiet, die skoot is in die middel vd nek in op die linkerkant, het die nek gebreek/af geskiet in die knoppe en net onder die vel gesit op die regter blad. Ek skat totale penetrasie was ongeveer 60cm met die punt wat die nek gebreek en deur die blad bene is.
Die punt het ‘n indrukwekkende 232.5gr vd oorspronklike 235.0gr behou en perfek omgeklink. Die 4 “petals” het 14.6mm en 14.56mm gemeet. Fotos aangeheg.
Danie Bellingan 
rsz_20160704_202427 rsz_20160704_202401




Penetrator at 746 meters per second at distance of 168 meters

Bonded at 774 meters per second at distance of 130 meters .

Both shot at blue wildebeest

20140904_141626-1 20140904_141635-1