Case Lube

Case Lube

Rhino Bullets, manufacturer of premium-grade hunting bullets, has put another new product on the market – case lube. The thin liquid lube comes in a 250ml spray bottle and according to the information on the label, the lube contains, alcohol, high-grade oils and Teflon. On receiving the case lube I noticed a white deposit/sediment at the bottom of the bottle. This ‘deposit’ is supposed to be there and the instructions tell the user to shake the bottle well until the solution turns milky. Then you simply place the cases in a convenient container and spray them until completely wet. Let the cases dry for a few minutes and run them through the sizing die. Afterwards they can be washed or wiped clean with a cloth. On my first try I used too much lubricant on the cases and the very first one I ran through the die, emerged with an oil dent in the shoulder area. The solution is easy – use less lube. I have been using the Rhino lube for about two months now and find it convenient and efficient to use. It is also not as ‘sticky’ as some other lubes I have used over the years and easy to remove from cases once they had been sized. It retails for approximately R42 a bottle and is available at selected gun shops. If your nearest dealer does not stock Rhino lube, ask him to contact the company on 043-736-1822

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