Rhino Bullets were designed and tested in Africa on a wide range of animals, from small Gray Duiker to the mighty Cape Buffalo. Professional hunters, sport hunters and shooting fanatics have tested Rhino bullets over a period of 18 years.

Kobus van der Westhuizen, the designer and owner of Rhino Bullets, who has been hunting for the past 40 years, became frustrated with the inconsistent results he had with many of the bullets available in South Africa on African Game. It is accepted by most hunters that African Game are more resilient than their Northern hemisphere counterparts.

Kobus set out on a mission to design a “no-nonsense bullet” which would be suited to the harsh African conditions

Quick Load has a file available for reloading RHINO BULLETS.

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Solid Shank - Core Bonded Bullets

Designed for the harsh African conditions


Why Choose Rhino Bullets?


Deep penetration

The solid rear section stops expansion at the right diameter ensuring very deep penetration.


Lead Core

The lead core bonded to the copper jacket make separation impossible with no bullet breakup with very deep penetration and low meat damage.


Tapered Sides

Tapered Sides give consistent expansion at close and long range at high and low velocities.


High weight retention

The bonding process gives very high weight retention in excess of 95%.

Rhino Bullets sell to private individuals locally and internationally. Please contact us for more information.

Rhino Bullets is looking for distributors in:

  1. Australia – For more information please contact Michael Rorke at michael@rorke.com.au
  2. Canada
  3. U.S.A
  4. Scandinavia
  5. England
  6. Germany

Contact Kobus at rhbullet@mweb.co.za

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Kobus / Shirley


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